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Health & Fitness Show

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Your trade show helps exhibitors be found. 

BoothIQ will help your exhibitors be remembered. 

BoothIQ creates memorable connections between attendees and exhibitors at your trade show.

Treat your exhibitors and attendees to a memorable experience

So many choices, so little time! We're here to simplify the health and fitness show experience for your attendees and in the process create more meaningful leads for your exhibitors. 

We love working with innovative shows like yours from across the country to help attendees save special offers, enter contests directly and remember all of their favorite exhibitors from the show. Your attendees will no longer be fumbling for protein shake or training session vouchers. We have you covered. 

Your exhibitors can now have direct access to real-time ROI metrics, showing exactly what they gained from the show experience. 

We'll give you the data you need to bring your exhibitors back and satisfy your attendees, show after show.

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