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3 Tips for a Standout Booth

Humans have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Coming in at just 8 seconds in 2017, we measure up just below the average goldfish that comes in at a whopping 9 seconds. When it comes to your trade show display, are you doing everything in your power to be sure you make an immediate impact on the traffic passing by before they move on to the next booth?

Attendees are often bombarded with marketing materials, spinning prize wheels and freebies. It can be very easy to lose their attention even before you begin engaging them at your booth.

We know it can be overwhelming to make a connection to thousands of attendees, but we have a few tips to help steer your impact in the right direction.

1. Bring the real good stuff.

Attendees look for value. When it isn’t possible to visit every single booth in any given show, they ask for the stand out exhibits and booths that cannot be missed. In effort to ensure they visit your booth, be sure to present an opportunity at your booth that cannot be missed. All you can eat chocolate perhaps? Just a suggestion!

2. Booths that are built to show are built to grow. 

A little known secret is that attendees always want what they see other attendees have already received. Whether it’s a branded backpack, colorful cotton candy or even balloons, promotional items that are easily viewable in a crowd are more desired. When planning what promotional items to invest in for your next show, keep in mind the visibility of the item and how long attendees will be holding the items during show time.

3. Be consistent in your brand image.

Visual impact is created through patterns. Whether it is a consistent color theme or branded marketing materials, showcasing a visual image that is presented with the whole vision in mind is incredibly important. Attendees look for booths that are easy to interpret in order to make a judgment as to whether they are interested to learn more  or not. By giving attendees an easily understandable layout without an excessive amount of information, colors, designs and items you will be able to leave a strong first impression that lasts!

By acknowledging that attendees are often engaged based on psychological and behavioral principles as opposed to pure on-site dynamics, your booth will truly be  able to engage a greater number of attendees at your next show!

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