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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

After years as Beyond the Booth, we are moving towards a brand change that defines who we are today in the event technology space. We are redefining our brand as an engaging and connective service that simplifies the trade show experience for attendees, exhibitors and organizers.

While ‘Beyond the Booth’ opened doors for us, we are shifting towards a brand change that better showcases our personality and our new direction as we continue to evolve to better serve our trade show clients.

So, without further ado, welcome to BoothIQ!

Our new logo was created to show the various parts of a trade show. We played up elements of strategy and color to show our innovative take on a traditional environment. BoothIQ - The Rebrand

At BoothIQ, we care deeply about enhancing your experience on the trade floor and making it simple and fun to engage with attendees, while increasing leads for exhibitors. We bring a fresh outlook to trade show engagement and lead tracking - and now - a brand new look!

Not only have we revamped the website with more resources for our clients, but we’ve also updated our sponsorship program!

After years of involvement with trade shows all over the country, we have become very familiar with the growing requests from trade shows for sponsorship. As an organizer, bringing new sponsors on board can sometimes take a back seat. We’re here to help you keep sponsorship a top priority by matchmaking your show with the right sponsors through our platform.

The launch of BoothIQ is the beginning of what will be an amazing 2018 and beyond!

Stay tuned for more updates - like an updated look for our platform and a growing sponsorship portfolio - as we continue to better serve all of our clients with dynamic, helpful and engaging technology.

Always happy to help,

Team BoothIQ

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