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Brock House Wedding Show

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Vancouver's best boutique wedding show

Vancouver, B.C. | Canada | October 16th, 2016

The 26th annual Brock House Wedding Show produced by DreamGroup Productions is one of Vancouver’s most highly anticipated wedding shows featuring 60 of the top-tier exhibitors in the city. Show producers Sarah and Genève wanted to innovate their show experience to provide more value to their exhibitors, create a more cohesive attendee experience and increase engagement at the show.

Exhibitor Feedback

Great way to connect, track engagement and provide tangible benefits to attendees.

It really helped to bring awareness to my booth at the Brock House Show and pushed people towards us more than usual.

Useful service and different to what’s currently out there, valuable to both participants and vendors.

Excellent explanation of service – easy to use- lovely staff – Prianka was welcoming and approachable both on the phone and at the show! Highly recommended ☺

Being able to create multiple offers for the show with your app and to be able to promote it that way was very beneficial as a vendor, I can't even tell you. It saved a lot of time (we didn't have to repeat every offer to every person) because everything was laid out so nicely on the app. and it was very easy to use as a vendor and for the show attendees.

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