Swank Wedding show

Vancouver's premier fusion wedding show

Vancouver, B.C. | Canada | February 2016

The swankiest wedding show in Vancouver dedicated to highlighting the best of the industry in South Asian and Western Weddings featuring over 40 exhibitors and the city’s first and only Groom Show. Show producer Kim wanted to create a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees and exhibitors, elevate her Exhibitor ROI metrics and provide post-show support to all show participants.

Exhibitor Feedback

BoothIQ (formerly Beyond the Booth) is one of those innovations, which forces one to think, “why wasn’t this done until now!” As an event organizer this made it extremely easy for me to not only sell the booths but more so to follow-up with the vendors after the show. I had real data to show to people when they complained about low Return onInvestment and I have real data to get them to return to the show next year. As I mentioned, was wasn’t this created years ago? I feel that BoothIQ (formerly Beyond the Booth) was not only great for the trade show exhibitors but really great for the attendees. They were able to enjoy and relax and not worry about stuffing business cards into swag bags. Instead, they were able to favorite the vendors they truly liked. It made the experience extremely warm and relaxing for the attendees. It made our swag bags actually worth taking home because it had real gifts, not just business cards.” – Kim T., Soiree Planners

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