Tips & Samples for BoothIQ Listings

Trade show marketing can be tricky. We're here to simplify the process and take the guess work out of creating incredible promotions and listings for your profile on BoothIQ.

A few tips before we get some listing samples your way:

1 You may list up to THREE LISTINGS

2 You can list any combination of special offers and contests

3 Every listing includes room for one image. Choose wisely!

Samples of Special Offers

Special offers are incentive-based promotions that are offered to attendees who visited your booth at a local trade show. By listing a special offer, you are giving an attendee the opportunity to opt-in for a purchase, reservation, consultation or even for further information.

We've seen some creative special offers throughout the years and here are a few of our favorites.

1. Save this $ gift card towards your booking!

We love virtual gift cards because they are:

• Great ways to measure purchase intent

• Easy to understand

• A value-add to the purchase without discounting the actual product/service

• Simple to add a minimum purchase amount required to the listing, which helps increase a buyer's minimum spend

2. Coffee & Consult

We love consultation requests because they are:

• Promotion for your company without discounting

• Requests to learn more

• Valuable ways to bring attendees into your place of business

• Interesting ways to schedule attendees into your calendar

3. Receive a complimentary ______________ with your booking!

We love complimentary add-ons because they are:

• Ways to provide a low-cost add on, with large value to attendees

• Special value is provided without discounting your product/service

• Great ways to have attendees test or try out new service offerings and receive feedback

4. Save this voucher for ______% off your next purchase!

We love percentage discounts because they are:

• Great for lower-cost products/services where stating a dollar amount discount isn't valuable

• Easily understood by attendees

• Great for understanding future purchase intent

Samples of Contests

Contests/Giveaways are a great way to increase the number of leads you generate at a trade show. By providing a gift incentive, you can bring more attendees to check out your booth, ask you questions about your business, subscribe to a mailing list or even become a client in the future.

We've seen some incredible giveaways and here are a few samples of what makes a great contest.

1. Enter to win a ___________!

We love "Enter to Win" contests because they:

• Encourage everyone to participate

• Provide a new lead that could become a future client

• Show your company's willingness to provide value upfront

• List the value of what is being offered which allows attendees to appreciate what you are giving to them

2. Win a complimentary ________ with purchase!

We love complimentary add-on giveaways because they:

• Provide value to attendees, while still requiring a purchase to be made

• Give insight into new products/services provided by a company

• Give additional value to attendees who are genuinely interested in becoming clients

We're here to provide you with an innovative tool to promote your business on and beyond the show floor and we're here to help you do it. If you have any questions, need some help getting started or want a suggestion on your listings, just send us a quick note at and we'll get back to you within 24 hrs.

We look forward to having you listed!

Team BoothIQ

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